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Fall Antique Show 2023 - October 12th - 29th
Winter Antique Show 2024 - Jan 18th-21st

Carmine Trading Post.....

Preserving a 100 year old building, Carmine Trading Post set out to provide ​an inviting location for various dealers to setup and display their wares.


Our dealers are eclectic and passionate about the hunt for unique items.  Customers will find an array of furniture, lighting fixtures, jewelry, linens, glassware, iron works, reclaimed wood & so much more.

It has just come to our attention that we had a major website glitch.  We were not receiving everyone's email.  If you sent us an email and we did not reply, we apologize and ask you to please resend your email.

          Thank you.

Our Deepest Apologies.....

Unique Dealers

Historic Buildings

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